Amy Attas is a writer. She is not qualified to treat diseased or injured animals. That is a different Amy Attas.

Amy was born in Pinawa, Manitoba. She graduated cum laude from York University with a Major in English and a Minor in Creative Writing. She has planted over a million trees. She sometimes has ringing in her ears from blowing her referee’s whistle. She has no permanent address. She is a gun for hire.

Twitter: @amyattas

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Loved your article about the bunk mates to avoid. I
    have had bunk mates like this, which is why I always
    get my private room. Regrettably, I have been guilty of snoring because of the medical condition of Sleep Apnea that I suffer with. This also is another reason I have to get a separate room-which everyone who reads the HI publication will thank me for!!!! Cheers.

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